a glitch, Mars Contemporary, Munich, Germany, 2013

By Francesca Zedtwitz-Arnim:

Krzymowski is interested in how repetition of images and the transferal of immaterial contents onto material support, transform their meanings. Giving a material and physical dimension to the otherwise meaningless creates exposure and generates new ways of reading these situations and messages.

Mrs Heo and mrmchael1l2@westnet.com.au are spam emails, that the artist received from anonymous senders, asking to establish specific relationships. By stitching the messages by hand on fabrics of poor quality - the size of a protest banner, the anonymous sender and their private messages are exposed in a physical space and turn what has never been private in the first place into a public concern.

73 explores the complexity of filmed instances through thorough but apparently seamless repetition. Short fragments of beauty, memory and absurdity are looped. Like haunting memories, the scenes propose themselves over and over again. The counting of their repetitions becomes an opportunity for an identical instance to transform itself into something new and invites the viewer to wallow in short moments of instant obsession.